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  • “Towards a fair and just society through a fair and just corporation”
    Since our foundation in 1969, our philosophy has been continuously developing. “Towards a fair and just society through a fair and just corporation“ We have taken these values as our basis and this has led to our continuous success. Through these principles, we can progressively move towards the ideal society everyone has dreamt of.
  • KSS LINE LTD. is a distribution company specialising in
    energy transportation.
    KSS has half a century of experience transporting various chemical cargos such as inflammable, explosive and base chemical freight as well as gas and petroleum based products. With accumulated specialities, we have built a leading position in the petroleum-chemical freight shipping business. The continuous growth of our company can be noted by the regular expansion of our fleet.
Growth in Sales and Operating Profit
Sales   Operating Profit   (Unit: 1 billion KRW)
CEO Dae-Sung Lee
Type of Business Tramper Carrier Service
No. of Employees 497
Assets 902,632 Million KRW in fiscal year 2018
Sales 202,504 Million KRW in fiscal year 2018
Operating Profit   47,110 Million KRW in fiscal year 2018
Office Head Office : Seoul, South Korea
Marine Affairs Division: Busan, South Korea
KSS has championed eco-friendly management systems as a core competitive strategy for leading in 21st century special cargo transportation.

As a constantly developing eco friendly corporation, we continuously explore ways to improve our eco friendly status. Through approaches like reduction of energy consumption and prevention of water and air pollution, we have progressively built up our environmental policies, to maintain the best conditions possible for future generations.
  • - Introduction of ISO 14001
  • - Campaign to reduce residues by at least 10%
  • - Use of eco-friendly paint, detergent, lubricant etc.
  • - Reduction of unnecessary packaging to decrease waste
  • - Use of sustainable, quality fuel
  • - Installation of Ballast water treatment systems
  • - Installation of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System (ICCP)
  • - Plans to build Eco Ships
Upon foundation, transparent management was emphasised as being a value which should be at the core of a successful and trustworthy company. This has now become our strongest value, which we still uphold today.
Continuation and Development

of Ethical Management
- Declaration of legislation regarding
Ethical Management in 2007
- Ethical Management declaration
event held on 1st January 2015
Reliable Outside
Director system
- Two thirds of board members
are outside directors
- These outside directors manage and
supervise KSS’s managers in
an honest and fair manner
As a company who practise transparent management,
we will endeavour to continue this system in an effort
to boost our competitiveness internationally.