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Code of Ethics

Ethical Standards
  • Article 1 Objective
    These Ethical Standards (hereinafter referred to as “the standards”) aim for an ethical value judgment and behavioral standards which the members of KSS LINE LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) have to follow for preventing corruption and creating a clean work climate.
  • Article 2 Subject of Appliance
    ① These standards shall apply to all of the employees (including temporary employees) of the company.
    ② When the company is required to follow any other additional procedures, these must first receive the approval     of the CEO.
    ③ These standards shall take highest priority over other rules of the company.
  • Article 3 Terms and definitions
    ① Money/valuables: Cash, marketable securities, goods and other unfair profit.
    ② Special treats: Benefit such as a meal, alcohol, sports, entertainment, etc.
    ③ Convenience: Accommodation, travel expenses, sightseeing, and supporting events, except for money/valuables     or other treats. These situations may cause economic loss of the other party.
    ④ Presents: Giving or receiving some goods when the giver has no negative intentions and follows acceptable     social conventions.
    ⑤ Parties of interest: A person or persons, whether they are members of the company or not, who are influenced     by the activities or decisions of the company or its employees.
    ⑥ Cooperative company: A person or a corporate body that has business connections with the company.
    ⑦ A relator: Employees, cooperative companies and customers who have an obligation to report when a person or     persons attempts to offer unfair money/valuables, treats or convenience.
    ⑧ Conventional levels: Universal standards which other employees or ordinary people can understand. As a result,     the employees have not to be influenced by any provision.
    ⑨ A chief ethics officer/an ethics officer: CEO shall perform the chief ethics officer’s duties and an executive officer     in charge of the General Affairs Department shall perform the ethics officer’s duties.
  • Article 4 Rights Protection of Shareholders
    The company shall protect rights of shareholders and respect demands and suggestions of shareholders.
    The company shall establish mutual confidential relationships with shareholders/investors and try to maximize benefit of shareholders by disclosing management information faithfully.
  • Article 5 Equal Treatment
    The company shall treat all shareholders, including minority shareholders, fairly and equally. The company shall make management decisions with due consideration of all shareholders, seeking not to harm the benefits and rights of minority shareholders unfairly.
  • Article 6 Active Sharing of Information
    The company shall provide transparent management performance by recording and managing accounting documents in accordance with K-IFRS. The company shall provide correct management information according to relevant regulations for aiding users of informations, such as investors
  • Article 7 Respect for Customers
    The company shall take our customers into consideration and aim to give them the best quality service. The company shall always provide correct and up-to-date information regarding services and to avoid exaggerated advertisement.
  • Article 8 Protection of Customers Rights
    The company shall safeguard the benefits, security and personal information of our customers and avoid unfair practices.
  • Article 9 Fair Competition with Competitors
    The company shall respect fair and free market economic order according to the principle of free competition and compete with other companies fairly.
  • Article 10 Fair Transactions with Cooperative Companies
    The company shall establish reciprocal trust and a firm cooperative relationship in order to pursue mutual development by fair trade with partners. The company shall not enforce improper practices or exercise any influence through abuse of prominent position.
  • Article 11 Fair Treatment
    The company shall not discriminate against any employees and shall provide fair opportunities according to ability and talents.
  • Article 12 Creating a Comfortable Work Environment
    The company shall seek to maintain and improve employee health and a safer work environment. The company shall cultivate employee development and self-realization by respecting the autonomy and creativity of the employees, also by and being fair in providing opportunities to improve their abilities. The company shall respect employee’s independent personalities and their basic human rights in order to create a work environment in which the employees can freely make suggestions or proposals.
  • Article 13 Compliance with Domestic and International Regulations
    The company shall comply with the internationally accepted Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Anti-Bribery Convention as well as other domestic regulations.
  • Article 14 Contribution to the National Economy and Social Development
    The company shall contribute to the national economy and social development with increasing of productivity, creation of jobs, payment of taxes, social contribution, etc.
  • Article 15 Protection of the Environment
    The company shall endeavor to protect nature and keep environments clean.
  • Article 16 Establish an Appropriate Corporate Culture
    Employees shall faithfully complete one's assigned duties in accordance with business policy of the company by sharing the management ideology, missions and values of the company. The employees shall try to make organization culture based on mutual trust and communication between all of the employees. The employees shall do their best for performing their duties righteously and comply with workplace regulations.
  • Article 17 No Acts of Conflicting Interest
    Employees shall not conduct any act or relations which have conflicting interests to that of the company. Furthermore, the employees shall put the well-being of the company before everything else in the case of conflicting interests between departments.
  • Article 18 Prohibition of Use of Inside Information
    Employees shall not trade the stock using inside information acquired from work. Employees shall not provide confidential information which can affect stock prices for third parties except through a legitimate procedure.
  • Article 19 Protection of Corporation Property and Critical Information
    Employees shall protect real/intellectual property rights, business secrets of the company and shall not use them for the employees’ private purposes. The employees shall not exercise unfair trading practices by using closed information and seek individual benefit by abusing their positions. The employees shall not leak confidential information which can affect the benefit of the company.
  • Article 20 Prevention of Sexual Harassment
    Employees shall not conduct any actions using words or behaviours; including physical, verbal and visual behaviour, which may be considered to cause sexual humiliation or harassment to another party.