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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for KSS LINE LTD.

We, the members of KSS LINE LTD., have inherited the one of the values of our company’s foundation which is “Towards a fair and just society through a fair and just corporation”. We have pledged ourselves to promote an enterprising and ethical corporate culture for transparent management and mutually beneficial situations.
Thus, we hereby decree the Employee Code of Ethics:

  • We shall seek to create and cultivate proper corporate culture by observation of honourable management principles.
  • We shall provide long-term and stable benefits to our shareholders by protecting them and maximizing the company value with sound and transparent business practice.
  • We shall always take our customers into consideration and aim to give them the best quality service.
  • We shall abide by the principle of free competition and establish reciprocal trust and a cooperative relationship with our partners in order to pursue mutual development through fair trade.
  • We shall comply with domestic and international regulations and social ethics in business activities and try to fulfill social responsibility by eco-friendly management and wealth sharing.